Fairfield to Waxahachie Creek Park-Day 4

Originally Posted: 4/18/2011

Good morning quads and calves, it’s time to wake up.  Apparently last night there was 90 mph winds and pretty serious thunderstorms?  I wouldn’t know because the bed that couch surfer Tamara lent me for the night held me tightly as I drifted into a much needed sleep coma.  Sleeping til noon was a definite possibility but I had a Fairfield Recorder interview at 8am, so I joinedTamara for a bowl of oatmeal, we say our farewells, and I headed off to meet my first reporter!  http://www.thefairfieldrecorder.net/news/2011-04-14/News/To_take_cancer_from_the_race____Man_rides_bike_330.html

After the interview, I started out on the road heading towards Waxahachie Creek park about 70 miles away.  75 degrees out, the cooler temperature was welcomed by my toasty and red shoulders(despite multiple sun screen applications, I missed a couple spots…). However, with the cooler air from the north, came a strong 15-20 mph north wind blowing directly into my face…Hills and a head wind=BAD.  I was going down hills at 10mph, that I would’ve been going 20+mph the previous day.   Right from the start I found myself visualizing the little engine that could saying, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..” while my legs were thinking Dr. Kevorkian’s assisted-suicide death machine wasn’t too bad an idea right about now(disclaimer: the opinions of my legs during time of distress do not reflect the opinions of Sam Davenport or anyone associated with Infinity and Beyond).

Just like the days in the past, after the first 20 or 30 miles of mental and physical anguish, the miles and time were flying by faster than the north wind.  The gorgeous array of wildflowers and punishing yet beautiful rolling hills made the day’s ride seem sublime, perfect, with out compare.  I continue to wonder how on earth I have come this far and how amazing the human body is.  My legs may hurt, but somehow they keep trucking on at a pace not too far from what they were doing in the start.  Its obvious that often times in life we settle for what our mind says is limit.  Mental blocks and the statement, “I can’t” keep us from realizing our full potential.  When was the last time you truly surprised your self by something you did?  Better question, when was the last time you truly surprised yourself by something you couldn’t do?  It’s pretty unfortunate that most of us answer with “I don’t know”.  This is because most of us stop before we get to the “surprised” point due to our fear of failure. Aim big.  Failure is simply a stepping stone to success.

“Four short words sum up what has lifted most successful individuals above the crowd: a little bit more.  They did all that was expected of them and a little bit more.”-A. Lou Vickery

What you want is exactly what you get.  If you aim for average, you’re going to get average.   Aim for something above what you THINK you can do and I think you’ll be surprised by the results.  Think, “Infinity and Beyond” (sorry, I just couldn’t resist).  This applies to anything in life.  Business, relationships,  athletic feats, etc.

“The quality of expectations determines the quality of our action”- A. Godin

RANDOM: Sooo, I’m hitting the 300 mile point and couldn’t help but stop to celebrate!  I pull over at a gas station and treat myself to 3 hershey’s chocolate bars.. OMG..yum. and they have almonds..so they are kinda healthy right?  Better and safer than pulling over for a bottle of champagne.  Plus, I’m sure I burned them all off in the next hour.

At about 6pm I had about 15 miles left in the day’s ride and I couldn’t believe that I’ll be finishing this 5 day bike tour at about this same time tomorrow.  CRAZY.  The thought of my bed at my parents house in Argyle definitely became my major motivator.  It didn’t matter if I twisted both my ankles setting up my tent tonight, I was finishing this TOMORROW.  Arriving at Waxahachie Creek Park around 7:30, I was the ONLY person on the campground.


I was looking forward to talking with camp neighbors, but being able to camp in such a beautiful lakeside park had its perks.  The wind calmed(right when I’m done riding, typical), the lake was like glass, and I felt like I could hear bass jumping over a mile away.  The sunset over the lake was just as elegant and gorgeous as the ones I’d seen so many times on the coast in Galveston.

Pasta, peanut butter, and tortillas were followed by bed time around 10pm.  I wanted to be able to wake early for the next days bike finale.  Out like a light.

-Sam Davenport

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